Digital Workplace Framework

Spiritual Machine DW is an extensible digital workplace framework developed on top of open source technologies to build personalized Software as a Service solutions for businesses.

Improve Productivity and Collaboration of Employees

Enable employees with the right set of tools and content to stay engaged with enterprise. Employees can use Spiritual Machine DW based-SaaS for their day-to-day tasks, to connect, collaborate and share information.

Next-Generation Technology for Modern Employees

Spiritual Machine DW is designed to meet the expectations of modern employees and engage them throughout the employment life-cycle. It aims to engage employees at all touch points and improves their productivity for day-to-day activities and enables them to work from anywhere, anytime, using any device.

Resource Planning

Resource Planning is all what you need to manage your human and financial resources, the activities and projects of your enterprise. Resource Planning is full of tools which facilitate the management and administration of your enterprise and provide you with the insight you need to make the right decisions.

Resource Planning Features:

  • Human Resource management

  • Project management

  • Attendance manager

  • Recruitment   

  • Skill management

  • Manage online hiring

  • Holidays and time off management

  • Expense management

  • Employees management  


You can sell your products and provide your services via your Spiritual Machine  DW based-SaaS. You have at your disposal the tools for sales management, stock management, customer relationship management,... To promote your products, you can use email and SMS marketing tools. In case you have a shop, you can use the POS included in Spiritual Machine DW Framework.

Ecommerce Features:

  • Customer Relationship Management

  • Inventory management

  • Invoice and payment management

  • Sales management   

  • Point of sale

  • Orders and purchase management

  • SMS marketing

  • Email marketing 

Social Network

Create social networks where employees can communicate with each other and share knowledge. You can create your own website without using a code just by dragging and dropping. With an easy-to-use user interface, you can manage forums, conversations between members, publishing in blog and organize events.

Social Network Features:

  • Live chat

  • Forum

  • Blogs

  • Website builder

  • Event manager

  • Survey

  • Calendar

  • Contact manager

  • Discuss 


You can easily create and publish free and paid courses, manage the learning process and motivate your employees using gamification. You can create your course using videos, PDF files, presentations...Test the retention of your employees using quizzes and exams and give them certificates at the end of the course.

LMS Features:

  • Course management

  • Quizzes and exams

  • Advanced monitoring and reporting

  • Certification

  • Student management

  • Instructor management

  • Multimedia support

  • Question pool  

Self-service and Empowerment

Spiritual Machine DW provides self-service features, automated tools, productivity improvement tools, a holistic view with a dashboard experience, a consumer-grade user experience to empower employees to perform their activities quicker.


Work-life Balance and Work Flexibility

Spiritual Machine DW provides collaboration tools and services available for “on the go” employees and accessible from anywhere, anytime, using any device.

Instant Recognition and Reward

Spiritual Machine DW manages instant reward with a full-featured gamification system that rewards employees through points and badges.

Social and Collaboration

Spiritual Machine DW provides social and collaborative features which can be extended by integration with external social platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook,…

Artificial Intelligence and Automation

Spiritual Machine DW uses machine learning and Artificial Intelligence technologies to automate routine activities and to provide contextual and relevant recommendations and other features.


Modular Architecture and Extensibility

Spiritual Machine DW implements all business logic using modules. To extend its functionalities, we develop new modules with new features.

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