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My name is Youness, I am specialist Inventor in Artificial Intelligence technologies, I am the developer of Spiritual Machine and the founder of Invention Academy company. 

I am the president of ForBladi Organization, we are interested in achieving digital transformation in Middle East and Africa, we support and train youth for creating projects to contribute in the progress and prosperity of their communities.

Spiritual Machine Story

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Next-Generation Drone

I was a member in a team of three developers, an aeronautic engineer, an embedded system designer and me, I was responsible for the software side of the project. The project aimed to develop a drone for civilian use with modern specifications.

Yocto-Based System

Although I broke up with the team, I continued to work in my lab to develop a drone operating system. I have chosen Yocto to develop a drone embedded system powered by Artificial Intelligence, I named it, SBY (Système Basé sur Yocto)  or YBS (Yocto-Based System).

Spiritual Machine

Due to my limited knowledge in Aeronautics, I decided to make a radical change in the nature and goals of the system, I rewrote the core code and I changed the environment from embedded system to Cloud.  After two years, the system became mature and production-ready and able to process 10 000 messages par second. I named it Spiritual Machine.

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