Powered By Machine Learning And Deep Learning Technologies

Spiritual Machine is a Petabyte Scale Data Processing System, it collects and processes data from millions of devices, creates private blockchain networks, and delivers full lifecycle management of machine learning  models to perform classification, regression, Deep Learning, clustering and Topic Modeling…


Next-Generation Industry 4.0 Framework

Spiritual Machine is the next-generation industry-leading enterprise-ready industry 4.0 framework powered by Machine Learning and Deep Learning technologies to manage smart cities and to empower enterprises to be AI enterprises in manufacturing, transportation, hospitality and tourism, health care, financial services, education, media, retail, agriculture,… 

Private Blockchain


Spiritual Machine builds next-generation private scalable networks and brings security and immutability to enterprises transactions. Spiritual Machine Framework enables businesses to transact directly and in strict privacy with one another using blockchain technology.

Internet of Things


Spiritual Machine builds scalable and secure IoT networks to collect, store and process telemetry data in a reliable way. Spiritual Machine manages, monitors and controls millions of devices connected via industry standard protocols (CoAP, MQTT, HTTP).

Artificial Intelligence


Spiritual Machine supports the most widely used statistical and Machine Learning algorithms to perform classification, regression, Deep Learning, clustering and Topic Modeling... Spiritual Machine also comes with NLU and MLPA powered by TensorFlow.

Spiritual Machine SC

Spiritual Machine Smart City is a cloud-based central management system of city’s infrastructure. It enables monitoring and managing of assets in multiple domains such as street lighting, smart parking, smart waste management,…  Spiritual Machine Smart City empowers real-time tracking of IoT assets, sensors and networks and connects all parties with secure and private blockchain networks.  Spiritual Machine is a Petabyte Scale Data Processing System, it collects and processes data from millions of devices and performs classification, regression, Deep Learning, clustering and Topic Modeling,…

Spiritual Machine DW

Spiritual Machine Digital Workplace is an extensible digital workplace framework developed on top of open source technologies to build personalized Software as a Service solutions for businesses. It is a set of micro-services developed to be integrated with multi-tier applications between the Logic tier and Data and storage tier. Spiritual Machine Digital Workplace provides a full set of services behind an API including Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Blockchain and IoT.




Spiritual Machine supports Odoo* by default, an all-in-one business management software including CRM, e-commerce, billing, accounting, manufacturing, warehouse, project management, and inventory management…


Flectra* is an open Source ERP and CRM software integrating core capabilities of CRM and ERP systems into a single, compact, and powerful package, with modular design covering all essential aspects of business.


ERPNext* is an open source integrated Enterprise Resource Planning software which supports manufacturing, distribution, retail, trading, services, education, non profits and healthcare...


Tryton* is an open source modular and scalable business application platform. It comes with modules such as accounting, sale, purchase, inventory, manufacturing, project management,...



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Speak with Spiritual Machine through voice based assistants like Google Assistant, Amazon Echo,...


Interact with Spiritual Machine Robot User Interface, get insights through voice and gesture.


Chat with Spiritual Machine through commonly used messaging channels…


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* Odoo, Flectra, ERPNext and Tryton are registered trademarks of Odoo SA, Tech-Receptives Solutions Pvt. Ltd., FRAPPE Technologies Pvt. Ltd. and Tryton Foundation respectively.